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Sociedad Deportiva Huesca, S.A.D., is a Spanish football club in Huesca, in the autonomous community of Aragon. Founded on 29 March 1960, SD Huesca plays in the Segunda División, having played in the Spanish top division for the first time in the club's history in the 2018–19 season, followed by another single season in 2020–21.[3] SD Huesca plays its home games at Estadio El Alcoraz, which seats 7,638 spectators.[2]

The city of Huesca is one of the pioneers in the introduction of football in Aragon. In the beginning of the 20th century (1903) the city already had a society named Foot-ball Oscense.[4]

Huesca Fútbol Club was founded in 1910 with Jorge Cajal as the first president.[5] On 10 April 1910 the first formal match was played in the city of Huesca between the teams of the Sertorius Club, formed by high school students, and El Ideal de Magisterio Oscense. The match was organized by Huesca Sport Club.

In 1913, Huesca Sport Club became Huesca Fútbol Club. At this time other teams also emerged, among them Atlético Osca and the Stadium, which later merged with Huesca FC. The Stadium wore blue and red colors of Barcelona and the team acquired those colors for their T-shirts.[4]

16 years later it folded – after it had joined the Royal Spanish Football Federation in 1922 (its department in the Aragon autonomous community in Spain - the Aragonese Football Federation, founded in 1922).[4] But in 1929 reappeared as CD Huesca, being renamed Unión Deportiva in 1943,[4] but the club again disappeared in 1956 due to financial problems. The first president after official registration of the Huesca Fútbol Club was Santos Solana.[4] Lorenzo Lera was the first associate of the club, which was enrolled in the Federation with the blaugrana colours as its founding members were FC Barcelona supporters.

One of the first games of written reference was a local derby against Bosco FC, a 3–5 loss. In the mid-1920s the club turned professional and, in 1926, a match against FC Barcelona was played at the Villa Isabel, in a 2–2 draw. Following the serious incidents that occurred on 23 October 1927 in the match against Real Zaragoza in the Regional Championship, with a field invasion by fans due to lousy arbitration and consequent sanctions of the Regional Federation for three months, the club was withdrawn from the championship and passed its players to other teams.[4] In early 1930s emerged the Huesca Sports Club (Club Deportivo Huesca) which won the Regional Fans Championship (Campeonato Regional de Aficionados) in the 1930–31 season, reaching the final of the National Championship, where lost to Ciosvín in the Estadio Chamartín in Madrid. During the Civil War, football was still played in Huesca and in 1939 the Huesca Fútbol Club instantly reappeared. From the 1943–44 season and after being renamed to Unión Deportiva Huesca the club played for seven consecutive seasons in Tercera División. In 1950, Huesca first reached Segunda División.[4]

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