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SF9 (Korean: 에스에프나인; shortened from Sensational Feeling 9) is a South Korean boy group formed by FNC Entertainment and the company's first dance boy group.[1] Consisting of nine members, the group debuted on October 5, 2016 with the release of their first single album, Feeling Sensation.[2]

The group first performed in Japan on December 11, 2015. The group had consisted of 11 members at that time.[1] In May 2016, they participated as "NEOZ Dance" in FNC Entertainment's survival show d.o.b (Dance or Band), competing against NEOZ Band (later known as Honeyst). They later won the show with their first song "K.O.", which was later featured in the Feeling Sensation single album.[3]They were renamed SF9 in August.[4]

SF9's debut single album Feeling Sensation[5] with lead single "Fanfare" was released on October 5, 2016. The album debuted at No. 8, and peaked at No. 6 on the Gaon Album Chart.[6][7] They made their official stage debut on October 6, 2016 on M Countdown. The music video[8][9] ranked at No. 6 on the Yin Yue Tai weekly chart and ranked seventh on the Yin Yue Tai Monthly Chart. Their promotions for "Fanfare" ended on November 6, 2016 on Inkigayo. The group then started the promotion of their second song of the album, "K.O." on November 15, 2016.[10] The debut single album "Feeling Sensation" was ranked 78th for album sales in 2016.[11]

On December 22, they released a music video as a gift to their fans with the title "So Beautiful". The song was originally an OST of their interactive web-drama Click Your Heart. "So Beautiful" is a digitally released single.[citation needed]

Their first EP, Burning Sensation,[12] was released on February 6. It landed at number six[13] on the February 15 Billboard World Albums Chart.[14]

On April 4, it was reported that SF9 would have their second comeback, just two months after they concluded "Roar" promotions.[15][unreliable source]

On April 7, SF9 held their first sold-out showcase in Japan in preparation for their Japan debut.[16]

On April 18, SF9 released their new six-song EP, titled Breaking Sensation, which includes the title track "Easy Love".[17] On the same day, the album ranked number two on the U.S. K-Pop Album Chart.[citation needed]

On June 6, SF9 debuted in Japan. On June 7, the Japanese version of their debut single "Fanfare" was released. It ranked number one on Tower Records Chart for single albums and number four on the Oricon Chart.

They performed at KCON 2017 in New York[18] and L.A.[19]

On October 12, the group's third EP, Knights of The Sun, was released. Following the release of their EP, SF9 held a three-stop U.S. solo tour titled "2017 SF9 Be My Fantasy in U.S.A" stopping in Dallas, Seattle, and Boston during November.[20]

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