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Sri Aurobindo Ashram (Ma Mandir) Mahasua run by 'SriAurobindo Samiti Mahasua' is a temple of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Pondicherry.[clarification needed] It is situated on National Highway No.7 only 16 km from Rewa towards Allahabad in Madhya Pradesh (India). Sri Aurobindo's sacred relics were installed here on 31.11.1975 on the auspicious day of Deepawali. Since then, Sri Aurobindo Bal Vidya Mandir (the school), Mira Aditi Shishu Chhatrawas (the hostel), Sri Aurobindo Library, Aradhana (the community kitchen) and Sadhana (the guest house) have evolved as component parts of Ma Mandir.

(a) Ma Mandir is a meeting place of two revolutions-the Green-"Harit Kranti" & the Gold-"Divya Kranti".

(b) It is also the fusing point of the outer fire and the inner fire.

(c) It is again the meeting point of two rebirths – "Jayantigram" and "SriAurobindogram".

There is an interesting story behind the two revolutions that were taking place almost simultaneously. People of this village, formerly known as Mahasua, had been living in poverty since generations. Many of them worked as labours in the feudal form of society. After the independence, a great urge was seen in them to liberate themselves from this slavery. By providential help and favorable circumstances, they were freed and their small agricultural holdings were regained from the possessions of the moneylenders and landlords. In 1965-66 villagers faced unprecedented draught when almost half of Madhya Pradesh state was stricken by worst type of famine. These marginal farmers in possession of tiny pieces of lands as the only means of livelihood could not sow a single grain for want of rain and suffered from starvation.

A disciple of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo in this village wrote to the Mother about the calamitous situation and begged for the relief. The Mother soon responded to his prayer and sent her blessing packet. The petals in the blessing packet were mixed with a small quantity of wheat and sown in one acre area of land. The land was irrigated with water drawn in buckets from deep wells. With Mothers grace and to everyone's surprise, the miracle happened. A bumper crop, such as never seen before, came up in the parched land. The yield was incredible, which was more than the usual yield of 10 Acres of land at that time. And the famine stricken village became the origin of Green Revolution in Rewa Division. Now, with passage of time many who worked as labourer are in possession of tractors, zeeps, cars and their own harvesting machine, implements, tube wells. Pukka buildings have replaced the thatched roof huts.

(b) The fusing of the outer fire and the inner fire:-

On 6 February 1960, the village school suddenly caught fire at about 5 O’clock in the evening. The village people ran up with ladders and buckets of water to douse the fire. By the time they could extinguish it another house belonging to one of the devotee of the Mother caught fire causing panic in the village. That too was controlled but within a span of few hours yet another house caught fire. This mysterious phenomenon continued for eight days in different places of the village in full presence of police and hundreds of people. Villagers then decided to place Mothers calendar in each house and sent 4 to 5 urgent telegrams daily to the Mother praying her to intervene. After a week, the Mother's power intervened and the attack of hostile power ceased and normalcy was restored.

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