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Sven is a fictional character who most prominently appears in the animated film Frozen (2013) and its sequel, Frozen II (2019), produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. He is a reindeer that lives together with his companion, Kristoff. Sven, alongside Kristoff, assists princess Anna in her search for her sister, queen Elsa, who has run away after placing the kingdom of Arendelle under an eternal winter. During their adventure, Sven also meets and befriends a living snowman, Olaf. Years after the events from the first film, Sven and the others go in search of a mysterious voice heard by Elsa. In the course of the journey, Sven meets other reindeer. Besides the two films, Sven is also present in the short film Frozen Fever (2015) and the featurette Olaf's Frozen Adventure (2017).

Sven was created by Frozen directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee. In the making of Sven's character, the animation team brought a real-life reindeer into the studio in order to study its behavior and incorporate the observed elements in Sven's portrayal. Nonetheless, because of the reindeer's lack of motion, Sven's depiction was eventually developed based on the mannerisms of a dog. His appearance was designed to be realistic.

Critical reception of Sven's character has been generally positive, with journalists commending his loyalty and describing him as lovable. Reviewers have also regarded Sven as a source of comic relief, and they have praised his relationship with Kristoff. Merchandise inspired by the character has been released, including stuffed toys and action figures.

In order to study reindeer for the development of the film Frozen (2013), produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and codirected by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee,[1][2] the filmmakers went to a reindeer farm management in Roros, Norway, owned by the Sami people.[3][4] The animation team also decided to bring a real-life reindeer into the studio to analyze its mannerisms and implement them into Sven's portrayal.[5][6][7] The animators remarked how the reindeer scratched behind its ears using its back legs similarly to how dogs do,[3][6] and they decided to make this one of Sven's habits as well.[3] Nevertheless, after realizing that the reindeer did not do much besides standing in the same place, the animators decided to depict Sven as "an excited dog" and "an inquisitive pooch that sniffs around the place".[8] Animator John Lasseter highlighted the resemblance between his Labrador and Sven, which derives from how both of them act.[8][9] The filmmakers had initially planned to give the name "Thor" to the character, but the idea was discarded because of the excessive usage of this name among the company.[3]

Frozen director Jennifer Lee felt Sven is the character that differs the least from the way he had been conceptualized since the filmmakers had decided from the beginning that he would never speak; she said the only change related to him in the making of the film was that his role in the story had become "bigger and bigger".[10] Chris Buck, the other Frozen director, mentioned that he had tried to make the characters including Sven "as interesting and entertaining as possible".[11] He further stated they had enjoyed deciding how Sven would be portrayed in the film. Buck commented that while Sven could have remained only a "pantomime character", Lee had proposed the idea of having Kristoff talk for Sven since she also does this with her cats;[12] Buck had immediately perceived this as a "great idea" because of acting with his dogs in the same manner, and as a result the concept was incorporated in the story.[12] Lee stated that the way Kristoff expresses Sven's thoughts is "fun".[10] Buck further said he enjoyed how Kristoff pretended not to understand Sven when he tried to communicate with Kristoff through sounds. He described Sven and Kristoff as "best friends" and mentioned that Sven acts like his conscience.[12] Lee commented that the filmmakers had tried to find similarities between Sven and the snowman Olaf in order to introduce the two of them in an intelligent manner during the teaser trailer for Frozen, and as a result they had decided to highlight their common interest in carrots.[13]

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