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The 18th season of the Top Chess Engine Championship began on 4 May 2020 and ended on 3 July 2020. The defending champion was Leela Chess Zero, which defeated Stockfish in the previous season's superfinal. The two season 17 superfinalists qualified again for the superfinal. This time Stockfish won, winning by 7 games (+23−16=61).

For this season, there are five leagues: the Qualification League (QL), League Three, League Two, League One, and Premier Division. Two engines promote in every league, with the top two engines of the Premier Division contesting a 100-game superfinal. Updates are allowed only between League Three and League Two, between League One and Premier Division, and between Premier Division and the superfinal. In a small change to previous seasons' rules, draw adjudication now occurs if the evaluations of both engines are within +/− 0.15 for five consecutive moves, after move 35. This increases the threshold of evaluation compared to +/− 0.08 for the previous season.[1]

In contrast to previous seasons, only active engines that are stronger than the best humans are invited to participate. The addition of the "active" criterion means that several veteran competitors, such as former champions Jonny and Houdini, are not participating.[2] Further, a more stringent uniqueness criterion meant that PeSTO (which shares a search algorithm with rofChade) and Komodo MCTS (which shares an evaluation algorithm with Komodo) are not participating.[citation needed]

The tiebreak rules for TCEC Season 18 are:

For this season, TCEC upgraded its GPU servers to four V100s, while the CPU servers largely stayed the same.[3][4]

Ten engines participated in the Qualification League. Seven engines returned from the previous year, Monolith returned after a two-season hiatus, and two new engines (Combusken and Weiss) made their first appearances. The league turned out to be very closely contested: every engine lost at least two games, and in the final standings, only 2 points separated winner Counter from 7th-placed Combusken. This meant that seven engines were in with a chance up until the final games. Eventual 2nd-place finisher Asymptote staged a mini-comeback after a poor first round to finish second, ahead of 3rd-placed Monolith on the back of a head-to-head win. chess22k, the only engine that had promoted out of QL previously, started well but stalled in the second half and ended in 4th place. Tail-enders Bagatur and Weiss were heavily handicapped by only being able to make use of one thread while their competitors usually ran on 176, and finished with only 5/18 and 1.5/18 respectively.[5] .mw-parser-output .sports-table-notes{font-size:90%;margin-bottom:0.5em}

Ten engines participated in League 3. Every engine here played in Qualification League last year, and while the top and bottom engines were unchanged, the order of the middle engines saw some shifting. Demolito took advantage of S17 QL winner Defenchess leaving for greener pastures to win League 3 with 12/18. Second place was closely contested, with Igel taking a 1-point lead after 60 games, only to see Gogobello storm from behind with a string of victories, including an impressive win as black over Demolito, and place second by 0.5 points. Meanwhile Pirarucu, which finished ahead of both Igel and Gogobello last year, placed a disappointing 6th, though it did hand Gogobello its only loss. On the other end, QL promoters Counter and Asymptote found League 3 far more unwelcoming and relegated back to QL with 7/18 and 6/18 respectively. Counter initially looked like it could hold on, starting out with 10 straight draws, but finished with 4 losses and 4 draws in its remaining games, becoming the only engine not to win a game.[5]

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