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The 19th season of the Top Chess Engine Championship began on 6 August 2020 and ended on 16 October 2020. The season 19 superfinal was a rematch between Stockfish and Leela Chess Zero, the same two engines that had contested the superfinal in the previous two seasons. Stockfish, the defending champion, won by 9 games (+18 -9 =73).

The format of TCEC Season 19 is largely unchanged from that of Season 18. The only difference is that the time control in the superfinal is once again 120 minutes + 10 seconds per move, increased from 90 min + 10s in Season 18.[1] The rules are also largely unchanged, with the only significant addition being r-mobility as a tiebreak criterion. This tiebreak depends on the number of legal moves available to both sides in the last phase of the game; the side with the fewer legal moves loses.[2]

The tiebreak rules for TCEC Season 19 are:

New entrant SlowChess was the early favorite in the Qualification League because it had shown a great deal of improvement in self-play in spite of being a relatively new engine. It lived up to its billing by dominating the Qualification League, scoring 16 wins in 22 games, including head-to-head wins against all its opponents. Second place was much more fiercely contested, with Roc eventually squeezing past Combusken in spite of losing both head-to-head matches to its rival. Eventual fourth-place finisher Monolith was also in the running up until the last rounds, but it lost both its games against SlowChess as well as a game against Roc which eventually left it 1.5 points behind Roc.

At the other end of the table, the other new entrant A0lite finished last together with Bagatur, scoring 5/22. .mw-parser-output .sports-table-notes{font-size:90%;margin-bottom:0.5em}

Although the competition was much stronger, QL winner SlowChess also crushed League 3, scoring 13/18, 1.5 points ahead of second-place and third-place Igel & Minic. This time, however, there were three engines it was not able to beat. Comparatively the fight for second place was very close, with Igel barely squeezing past Minic on the strength of a head-to-head win. This result will later turn out to have a significant impact on League 2. The rest of the league was straightforward, with iCE and Counter finishing solidly at the bottom, losing 7 games each and 2.5 points from safety.

League 2 saw the first time an NNUE (efficiently updatable neural network) engine played. NNUEs had been introduced to computer shogi in 2018, and defending champion Stockfish's developers had produced a working version for chess in June 2020. This new "Stockfish NNUE" gained strength very quickly, and by August 2020 was outperforming the original Stockfish by almost a hundred elo at short time controls.[3] This led to strong anticipation of the results when Igel, which had narrowly beaten Minic in League 3, submitted an updated version including an NNUE.

Igel lived up to the hype with a massive winning streak to start League 2. It scored 7/9 in the first round robin, including a win over hitherto-undefeated SlowChess. Its performance dipped in the second round, scoring "only" 4 wins and losing a game to eventual 3rd-place finisher RubiChess, but it still won the division with 14/18. Meanwhile SlowChess recovered after the loss to Igel by scoring 5 wins in the second round, losing no other games to finish second with 13/18. With its win against Igel, RubiChess was also the only engine to score 50% against the leader in the league, and finished clear 3rd with 11/18. The rest of the division was much more closely contested, and only two points separated 4th-placed Pedone from last-placed Nemorino.

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