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Triple X was a wrestling stable in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. The team consisted of Christopher Daniels, Elix Skipper and Low Ki (later known as Senshi). The team was originally formed in late 2002 as part of Vince Russo's Sports Entertainment Xtreme superstable.[1] Daniels, the leader of this group, was a part of it during all of its runs until November 11, 2007.

Triple X began as a team under Vince Russo's "Sports Entertainment Xtreme" faction.[1] They began teaming on December 18, 2002 defeating the team of Amazing Red and The S.A.T..[2] One of the unique trends begun by Triple X was the "Triple X Rule" (which is precedented by the earlier Freebird Rule). When Low Ki and Elix Skipper won the NWA World Tag Team Championship on January 22, 2003, from America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris and James Storm),[3][4] TNA officials permitted them to allow Christopher Daniels to defend the title as well. Before each tag team match, all three members of Triple X would stand in the ring, and only when the bell rang would it be known which two of the three would be competing.

They made the first title defense on February 5 PPV against Disciples of the New Church (Brian Lee and Slash) which ended in a double pin.[5] As a result of this double pin, they were stripped of the titles.[4] On the March 12 PPV, they defeated America's Most Wanted to begin their second NWA World Tag Team Championship reign.[4][6] They began feuding with both Disciples of the New Church and America's Most Wanted over the titles. However, they lost the titles to Jerry Lynn and The Amazing Red on April 16.[7]

On May 7, Christopher Daniels became the first ever solo holder of the NWA World Tag Team Championship. He won a handicap match with then-champions Amazing Red and Jerry Lynn by disqualification (at the time in TNA, championships could change hands by countout or DQ).[4][8] They used their "Triple X Rule" to allow Elix Skipper to defend with him. During this time, Triple X began their now-legendary feud against America's Most Wanted, becoming the only team in TNA history to maintain regular success against the most dominant tag team in TNA history. This included the first cage match in TNA history, in which America's Most Wanted finally scored a win against Triple X for the NWA World Tag Team Championship on June 25.[9]

After Low Ki left TNA in July 2003, Triple X parted ways the next month and both Daniels and Skipper focused on singles careers. However, they had a short lived reunion in January 2004.

In March, Daniels brought in Low Ki as a surprise partner for the vacant NWA World Tag Team Championship Tournament, in which they defeated The New Franchise (Michael Shane and Shane Douglas)[10] and The Naturals (Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens)[11] before losing the finals to Kid Kash and Dallas.[12] Afterwards, Low Ki disappeared from TNA again.

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