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Men's– Ateneo Blue Eagles Women's– NU Lady Bulldogs

The UAAP Basketball Championship holds its basketball tournaments from September to December. Basketball is a mandatory sport in the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP). All eight universities participate in the Men's, Women's, and Juniors (Boys') tournaments.

The tournament is divided into two divisions, the Seniors' division, which is further subdivided into the Men's tournament, for male collegiate players, and the Women's tournament for female collegiate players. The other division is the Juniors' which is also subdivided into two tournaments for the male and female high school athletes.

The UAAP basketball sport has a rich history of schools establishing dynasties. UE won a record seven consecutive basketball titles from 1965 to 1971 albeit the third one was a shared championship with UST. Ateneo had a 5-year winning streak from 2008 to 2012. Two other schools ended their championship streak at four. UST won it from 1993 to 1996 and La Salle from 1998 to 2001.

The championship in basketball is the most coveted title that schools aspire for during a UAAP season, but such aspirations have resulted in many controversies in the association. There are protests filed by the member-schools against one another almost every season. Ironically, the association has a handbook of its rules and regulations.

Before the UAAP's first expansion, teams would play a single round robin where the team with the best record would be crowned champions. If two or more teams are tied, they would be declared co-champions. No quotient system or knockout games were used to break ties.

Teams play a double round robin. The winner of the first round play the winner of the second round in a 1-game championship to determine the champion. Ties for round winners are broken by knockout games.

If a team wins both rounds, it is automatically declared the champion, regardless if it was a sweep or not. If a team fails to win either rounds, but ends up with a better over-all record than either of the round winners, that team will challenge the second round winner for a championship slot against the first round winner.

Teams play a double round robin. The top two teams (over-all record) after the double round robin play in the Finals with the #1 seed holding a twice-to-beat advantage. If a team sweeps the double round robin, they are automatically declared champions.

The tournament currently uses the Final Four format, first implemented in 1993. The Tournament begins with a double round-robin elimination, where a team plays the other teams twice to determine which teams will qualify to the semi-finals (also called Final Four). The top four finishers enter the Final Four phase.

Previously, if a team sweeps the double round robin, they are automatically declared champions. However, after UST's sweep in 1993, it was modified so that the sweeping team would automatically qualify to the best-of-three Finals. After UE swept their way to the Finals in 2007, it was again modified so that the sweeping team would now automatically qualify to a best-of-five Finals, holding a 1–0 game advantage.

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