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UTFO (an abbreviation for Untouchable Force Organization) was an American old-school hip hop group from Brooklyn, New York City.[1]

The group consisted of Kangol Kid (Shiller Shaun Fequiere), Educated Rapper (Jeffrey Campbell), Doctor Ice (Fred Reeves), and Mix Master Ice (Maurice Bailey).[1] The group's best-known single is "Roxanne, Roxanne,"[1] a widely-acclaimed hip hop classic, which created a sensation on the hip hop scene soon after it was released and inspired a record-high of 25 answer records in a single year (Roxanne Wars),[2][3][4] with estimates ultimately spawning over 100.[5] The most notable remake was done by Marley Marl's protégée Roxanne Shanté, which led to hip hop's first rap beef.[6][2] "Roxanne, Roxanne" was originally the B-side of the lesser-known single "Hangin' Out."[4] Due to personal issues, Educated Rapper was absent for its second effort, Skeezer Pleezer (1986), which produced one notable track with the song "Split Personality." EMD was, however, on one album track, "Pick Up the Pace", also featured in the movie Krush Groove.

In 2008, “Roxanne, Roxanne” was ranked number 84 on VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of Hip Hop.[7]

The group formed in the early 1980s and were originally known as UFO. However, the name was taken by a rock group so they were forced to change it to UTFO. Kangol Kid and Doctor Ice were originally known as The Keystone Dancers and were a dance duet, before going on to be dancers for Whodini.[1] Eventually, they went on to form UTFO in their hometown of Brooklyn, New York City, New York. In 1984, the group signed with Fred Munao's Select Records, and, in the same year, it released its hit single, "Roxanne Roxanne." The group's debut album was produced by R&B group Full Force.[1] Full Force brought in New York's sound and sampling wizard, Gary Pozner, to help create the sounds and the beats. This was one of the first instances of the new sampling machine, the E-mu Emulator, used on a commercially released record.[citation needed]

On June 3, 2017, Educated Rapper (Campbell) died following a battle with cancer.[8]

The members of UTFO were the first breakdancers to appear on The Phil Donahue Show.[9]

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