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The first season of the American dramedy television series Ugly Betty began airing on September 28, 2006 and concluded on May 17, 2007.

In addition to the twenty-three regular episodes in season one, a special, "The Beautiful World of Ugly Betty", was aired on April 12, 2007. Another special, which was a half-hour update recapping the first ten episodes, aired during the month of January 2007 on local ABC affiliates and various cable networks.

Being produced in Los Angeles, the success of the season would lead to the production of the show's second season.

For the first season of Ugly Betty, nine characters were initially included in the main cast. Michael Urie and Kevin Sussman were originally credited as Special Guest Stars but were upgraded to regulars mid-season. However, Kevin Sussman's character was written off the show in the fifteenth episode but was still credited as a regular for the rest of the season. Rebecca Romijn's character was introduced in the middle of the season and was immediately credited as Starring.

The first season of Ugly Betty follows Betty Suarez, a recent college graduate from a struggling Latino family in Queens consisting of her supportive widower father Ignacio, her sassy older sister Hilda, and her fashion-obsessed nephew Justin. Betty is rejected for an entry-level position at Meade Publications due to her homely appearance. However, company CEO Bradford Meade spots her and has her hired as an executive assistant to his son Daniel Meade, the newly installed editor-in-chief at Mode magazine. Daniel is succeeding Fey Sommers, the much-revered former editor-in-chief of Mode, who died under mysterious circumstances.

Although Daniel is initially dismayed to be working with Betty, the two eventually come to terms and Betty finds herself helping Daniel on a personal and professional level. Daniel has always been unfavorably compared to his older brother Alex Meade, who died before the beginning of the series. He has no confidence in his own abilities, except as a lothario and fears that he will never be taken seriously. Much of Daniel's insecurity also comes from the fact that Wilhelmina Slater, Mode's creative director is conspiring to oust him and become editor-in-chief herself. Meanwhile, Betty struggles to fit in at Mode and her only friend is seamstress-fashion designer Christina McKinney. Betty and Christina are often teased by Mode receptionist Amanda Tanen and Wilhelmina's assistant, Marc St. James. Despite Amanda and Marc's animosity towards Betty, they do eventually come to respect her and enlist her help to solve their problems.

Daniel falls in love with Sofia Reyes, the publisher of Modern Young Woman (MYW), a new Meade Publications magazine. Sofia entices Betty to come work for her, promising her the respect and responsibility that she would never see at Mode. Betty agrees but at MYW, she discovers Sofia's plot to make Daniel propose to her as part of a MYW cover story. Betty attempts to warn Daniel, but Sofia announces their engagement and how it was all part of her story, and then publicly breaks up with Daniel. Daniel is devastated but welcomes Betty back to Mode.

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