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The third season of the American comedy-drama television series Ugly Betty was confirmed in the ABC lineup, which was picked up for a full season on February 11, 2008.[1] The season premiere aired on September 25, 2008 and ended with a special double episode on May 21, 2009.

In Australia, season 3 premiered on November 3, 2009, at 7:30 pm EDT. This took place as one of the first exclusive premieres on the new digital channel 7TWO, after over two years of erratic screening of the first two seasons on the Seven Network. In South Africa, season 3 premiered on Tuesday January 13, 2009 in its normal 7:30.P.M CAT timeslot. Season 3 premiered in the UK on Channel 4 on Wednesday June 24, 2009, in the 10:00.P.M. slot, after Big Brother. It changed from Wednesdays to Mondays from Monday October 12, 2009. Episodes finished airing December 2, 2009.

The season would be the first to be produced in the show's setting, New York City, in an attempt to take advantage of a credit change. However, the move would have side effects as several cast and crew members prefer to stay in Los Angeles where the first two seasons were produced which resulted in contributing less onto the show. For example, Ashley Jensen, who plays Christina McKinney, opted to stay in Los Angeles and eventually left the show.

Most of the main cast from the show's second season returned for the third season, with the former main characters Alexis Meade (played by Rebecca Romijn) and Henry Grubstick (played by Christopher Gorham), becoming recurring characters.

A musical episode and having Lindsay Lohan on board for a storyline were planned for the third season.[2] The two proposed ideas were already in the planning stages during the second season, but were put on hold due to the 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike. However, only Lindsay Lohan's storyline came to fruition. (The episode "Granny Pants" involved a plot about a musical, but was not a musical episode.) Despite appearing uncredited in the season two finale "Jump", Lohan appeared (credited) in the episodes "The Manhattan Project", "Granny Pants" and "Ugly Berry".

Shooting of the episodes moved from Los Angeles to on location shooting in New York City, where the show is set.[3] The last time the show was shot in New York was in the pilot episode.[4] In addition, the season had more physical elements, especially for Betty.[5]

In this season, Betty decides to move on from Henry and Gio, and after a cross-country trip around the United States, decides to move out of Casa Suarez and into an apartment of her own, hoping that this will help her advance in her quest to move up in the publishing business. Betty also attracts the interest of a musician named Jesse who is living in the apartment across from hers. In addition, she buries the hatchet with Kimberly "Kimmie" Keegan, her childhood nemesis and manager of Flushing Burger, where Ignacio works. Unfortunately, the truce between Betty and Kimmie would be broken after Betty helped Kimmie land a job at Mode and Kimmie reverted to her old patronizing ways after being promoted to associate editor. This promotion would also infuriate Amanda and Marc after Kimmie befriended and then turned on them. But it would be Wilhelmina who would fire Kimmie after she insulted her during a photo shoot with model Adriana Lima as planned by Marc, Amanda, and Betty.

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