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Ugly Betty Thailand is a Thai comedy-drama television series. The series is based on Fernando Gaitán's Colombian telenovela Yo soy Betty, la fea, which has had many other international adaptations.[1] It aired on Monday nights on Thairath TV starting March 9, ending September 7 in 2015.[2][3] It's the first TV series of Thairath TV channel.[4]

A story of Pet (meaning 'Duck' in Thai) (Pratchayanan "Babymind" Suwanmani), a young girl who looks ugly but is very capable. She works as a secretary for Danai (Wasin "Ko" Atsawanaruenat), who is a young playboy and the son of Bodin Phriamit (Suchao Phongwilai), CEO of POSH Inc., a high-end cosmetics company and Ngamkhae Phriamit (Nicole "Nikki" Theriault).

Danai is the new CEO but things are not as they seem, because Danai has competition from the managing director Alisa "Alice" Phalakon (Sonia "Pim" Couling) and the Phalakon family who holds shares of his company, Pet also has problems resulting from Amita "Am" Phuengthanin (Sukhonthawa "Mai" Koetnimit), Danai's previous secretary and Mesa "May" Phalakon (Onnicha "Jenny" Akkharasewaya), Danai's love interest.

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