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VBox Home TV gateway is a network TV tuner Live TV and PVR HDTV set-top-box, produced by VBox Communications Ltd.

The VBox Home TV Gateway is also known as:

VBox Communication established in 2001 and received strategic investment from Optibase[1][2] (now part of the Vitec Group[3]). In Jan 9, 2002 VBox Communications acquired from BroadLogic (now part of Broadcom[4]) its Satellite Express(TM) and DTV product lines adding DVB core to VBox's IP [5]

VBox TV Gateway technology was first used in its XLV Professional product line unveiled at the Satellite 2006 Show in Washington DC, targeting the hospitality, digital signage and enterprise markets.

The VBox Home TV Gateway is based on VBox's 6th generation XLV Professional product line,[6] It was debut at the Mobile World Congress, ShowStoppers event in Barcelona, Spain on February 23, 2014[7] and was first reviewed by CNET UK [8]

VBox Home TV Gateway is a network TV tuner and digital video recorder providing both Front and back ends, capable of recording and streaming multiple channels to multiple devices at the same time.[9] Unlike standard set-top box it does not have an HDMI or other video or audio outputs that directly connect a television, instead its multiple DVB tuners receives the live TV RF signal from Satellite, Cable TV or Terrestrial Antenna and streams the decoded video over the local area network to any UPnP enabled player such as smart phone, tablet computer, smart tv, computer, or game console.

All VBox Home TV Gateway support Free-To-Air (FTA) content, models that end with CI also support encrypted Pay TV content with single or dual Conditional-access module (CAM) Common Interface (CI) slots, there is no support for CI+ CAM

Recording of live or scheduled TV program is available from any of the free VBox apps, the recordings are stored on an external storage and can be played from any device. Supported recording devices:

VBox guarantee a single channel per tuner, however, in reality, the tuner locks on a transponder or MUX and can stream all the available channels in that bouquet up to about 40Mbit/s

The VBox Home TV Gateway is a Linux-based TV DVB to IP server and a web server the web server is used to configure the device, change settings, see device status and to connect to developer API. To access the Home TV Gateways's web page:

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