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VN-Zoom was a public, free-access internet forum based in Vietnam that shut down on November 5, 2018.[2]

VN-Zoom was administrated by Dinh Quang Vinh,[3] and was created in 2006 using the Internet forum software vBulletin.[4]

VN-Zoom was a forum for computing and technology. It had information on Windows, computer hardware, video games and mobile phones.[5] Previously, VN-Zoom was also famous for uploading pirated software. VN-Zoom then transformed into a forum for technology news, with tips on information technology and reviews of technological equipment.

VN-Zoom was public and accessible to everyone on the Internet from Vietnam. Only registered users were able to do certain tasks, such as creating new topics and articles. New users lacked access to some advanced features of the forum, such as creating a new topic or thanking a person on the forum. Users were required to create more than five articles. They were also required to send thank you notes. After creating 10 articles they were then allowed to introduce a new topic to the forum.[6] Access to VN-Zoom was restricted to Vietnamese IP addresses.[7]

VN-Zoom had strict rules. Users who were found to violate the rules were removed.[8]

Like many forums on the Internet, users could spam or create topics or articles that violated the rules of the forum easily. If moderators or administrators saw topics and identified spam or prohibited topics or articles, they would delete the offending topic or article and ban the user. Normal users could also report a spam article or prohibited topic or article to the moderator. The moderator would review the report and assess whether the reported topic or article was indeed spam or prohibited. If it was spam, or in violation of the rules of the forum, the offending user was banned. The bans varied in length, depending on the seriousness of the violation. Sometimes the bans were permanent.[9]

VN-Zoom gained notoriety for hosting unauthorized copies of software, games, and films. This content was shared by users on the forum and could be downloaded easily. Because of this, VN-Zoom received several DMCA copyright claims from software publishers.[7]

VN-Zoom was restricted by Google Search for its focus on unlicensed distribution. Google identified VN-Zoom as a malicious website and removed it from its search results.[10][11] Although Google Search has recently added VN-Zoom back to the search results, and can now be accessed publicly.

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