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The VTV Awards (Vietnamese: Ấn tượng VTV) is an awards ceremony presented by Vietnam Television (VTV) to honour impressive television products, dramas, hosts, artists, figures, programs aired on its network and attracted a large audience. It was launched first in 2014 and usually held in early September each year.

The VTV Awards comprises two rounds:[1]

In both rounds, audiences can vote via SMS or on the official site of the awards.

Currently, the awards has given prizes in 10 categories:[2]

Starting in 2003, 'The Most Beloved Vietnam Television Dramas' Voting Contest (Vietnamese: Cuộc thi bình chọn phim truyền hình Việt Nam được yêu thích nhất) is held annually or biennially by VTV Television Magazine to honor Vietnamese television dramas broadcast during the year(s) on two channels VTV1-VTV3. The awards ceremony takes place early next year.[10]

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