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VTech (originally Video Technology Limited) is a global supplier of electronic learning products from infancy to preschool.[2][3][4]

The company was originally named "Video Technology Limited" in reference to the company's first product, a home video game console. In 1991, it was renamed "VTech Holdings Limited" to reflect a wider portfolio of products.[5]

The company first listed in Hong Kong in June 1986 under the name "Video Technology International (Holdings) Limited". It was privatised and delisted from The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in 1990.[6]

VTech obtained a primary listing on the London Stock Exchange in 1991. In 1992, the company relisted on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited,[7] establishing a dual primary listing with London. In 1993, the company established its American depositary receipt programme.

VTech delisted voluntarily from the London Stock Exchange on 7 October 2008.[8] It also terminated its American Depositary Receipt programme with effect from 21 January 2011.

VTech was founded in Hong Kong in October 1976 by two local entrepreneurs, Allan Wong (Chi-Yun)[9][10] and Stephen Leung.[5] When the first single-chip microprocessor "Intel 4004" became available in the early 1970s, the company saw the potential it offered for portable consumer electronics products. Wong & Leung set up a small factory in To Kwa Wan, with a US$40,000 investment and a staff of 40 people. In the first year, turnover was less than US$1 million.[5]

VTech initially focused on developing video games. In 1977, the company created its first home TV game console, a version of Pong. Since only consumers in North America and Europe could afford such items, the company targeted primarily these markets.

The United Kingdom was chosen as the first market for Pong, as Hong Kong and the UK used the same standard for television systems. In 1978, the founders introduced LED games they had developed to buyers from RadioShack in the US, which were sold under the RadioShack brand.

VTech then began to build its own brand. Starting in the early 1980s, a line of electronic games would be manufactured. VTech unveiled its first electronic learning product, called "Lesson One", at the New York Toy Fair, in February 1980.[5] It taught children basic spelling and maths. An exclusive version under the name "Computron" was offered to Sears, with the product being prominently advertised by Sears, in its catalogue, which was a popular shopping guide.[11][12]

Next VTech made the video game console CreatiVision. An electronic product with an external projector from French company Ludotronic was adapted by VTech and sold as the "VTech ProScreen" in 1984, following the release of VTech's Gamate and Variety handheld products the year prior.

VTech then branched out into personal computers, including a series of IBM compatible PCs beginning in 1983, followed by Apple II compatible computers, beginning in 1985, including a model called Laser 128.

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