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Virginia Beach City Public Schools is the branch of the government of the city of Virginia Beach, Virginia responsible for public K-12 education. Like all public school systems in the state, it is legally classified as a school division instead of a school district. Although Virginia school divisions perform the functions of school districts in other U.S. states, they have no taxing authority, instead relying on appropriations from their local governments,

The school system is the fourth largest in Virginia, and among the 50 largest school systems in the United States (based on student enrollment). All of the division's 80+ schools are fully accredited in the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL).[1]

Virginia Beach City Public Schools currently serves approximately 70,000 students, and includes nearly 90 schools.[2]

The division has a fleet of nearly 800 school buses, which is serviced by two bus garages and is the second largest employer in the city, following Naval Air Station Oceana.

In 2004 the school board made plans to change the snack offerings and to establish a physical education class for 8th graders as a result of higher than desired obesity rates.[3]

In 2004 there were plans to make significant changes to district attendance boundaries.[4]

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