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WAKS-HD2 (96.5-2 FM) – branded Real 106.1 – is a digital subchannel of Cleveland market radio station WAKS (96.5 FM). Owned by iHeartMedia, Inc., WAKS-HD2 functions as a commercial mainstream urban radio station, serving Greater Cleveland and much of surrounding Northeast Ohio. It also serves as the FM radio home of Cleveland Charge basketball.[1]

Using the proprietary technology HD Radio for its main digital transmission, WAKS-HD2 also simulcasts over low-power analog translator W291BV (106.1 FM), and streams online via iHeartRadio. The WAKS-HD2 studios are located at the former Centerior Energy building in the Cleveland suburb of Independence, while the WAKS-HD2 and W291BV transmitters reside in Brecksville and Parma, respectively.

A Clear Channel Communications press release dated April 25, 2006, announced the launch of nearly 200 new HD Radio "multicast channels" in dozens of markets across the United States; among these was WAKS-HD2, a digital subchannel for Cleveland market radio station WAKS (96.5 FM), set to broadcast an "all new hits" format.[2] As of September 1, 2006, WAKS-HD2 was still not on the air, but by October 5, 2006, the new channel had launched an "underground dance" format known as "Trancid".[3][4] As of October 2007, WAKS-HD2 had adopted a new automated format called "Kiwi Radio"; The Plain Dealer described it as a collection of "tweener tunes of the Hannah Montana and High School Musical variety."[5] By June 2008, and lasting until at least March 2012, WAKS-HD2 aired a dance radio format known as "Club Phusion".[6][7] As of November 2014, WAKS-HD2 was airing a "Soul and R&B" format.[8]

On December 11, 2018, WAKS-HD2 switched to an mainstream urban format; and also began simulcasting over low-power FM translator W291BV (106.1 FM) under the brand "Real 106.1". The simulcast was made possible by a May 3, 2010, decision by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Although low-power FM translators in the United States are generally not permitted to originate their own programming, the FCC decision affirmed that translators are free to retransmit the programming of HD Radio digital subchannels – effectively creating new analog "radio stations" on the FM band – and thereby expanding the potential audience of digital-only channels like WAKS-HD2.[9] At the launch of this new simulcast, WAKS-HD2 aired 10,000 consecutive songs free of commercial interruption, and thereby positioned itself in direct competition to Cleveland hip-hop station WENZ.[10] WAKS program director "Java Joel" Murphy was announced as the program director for Real 106.1.[11]

The Breakfast Club, nationally syndicated via Premiere Networks, airs weekday mornings.[12] All other regular content, including music and on-air talent, either comes from the iHeartMedia urban contemporary national format via Premium Choice, or is voice-tracked out-of-market specifically for WAKS-HD2.

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