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WCIV, virtual channel 36 (UHF digital channel 25), is a dual MyNetworkTV/ABC-affiliated television station licensed to Charleston, South Carolina, United States and serving the Lowcountry area. The station is owned by the Sinclair Broadcast Group, which also operates Fox affiliate WTAT-TV (channel 24) under a local marketing agreement (LMA) with owner Cunningham Broadcasting. However, Sinclair effectively owns WTAT-TV as the majority of Cunningham's stock is owned by the family of deceased group founder Julian Smith.

WCIV's studios are located on Allbritton Boulevard along US 17/701 (Johnnie Dodds Boulevard) in Mount Pleasant, and its transmitter is located in Awendaw, South Carolina. WTAT-TV maintains separate facilities on Arco Lane in North Charleston (with a Charleston postal address); master control and some internal operations of WTAT-TV are based at WCIV's studios.

In September 2014, due to complications arising from Sinclair's acquisition of the original WCIV (channel 4) from its previous owner, Allbritton Communications, WCIV's programming and ABC affiliation was moved onto the second digital subchannel of Sinclair's existing station in the market, MyNetworkTV affiliate WMMP. WCIV's license was sold to Howard Stirk Holdings in order to form a new station using its existing facilities. In preparation for the sale, the WCIV and WMMP intellectual units swapped signals on September 30, 2014, with WCIV moving to WMMP's channel 36 signal and WMMP moving to WCIV's channel 34 signal respectively. WMMP then began carrying programming from ZUUS Country, and has since changed its calls to WGWG.

On most cable systems in the market, WCIV-DT1 is available on channel 13, while WCIV-DT2 is usually carried on channel 8.

The current WCIV first began operations on October 5, 1992 as WCTP, an independent station. It joined The WB as a charter affiliate on January 11, 1995. On November 20, it changed its calls to WBNU. On January 6, 1997, Max Media Properties (a company partially related to the present-day Max Media) bought the station, changed its calls to WMMP, and switched its affiliation to UPN. Only a year later, Max Media sold WMMP to Sinclair, giving the station its third owner in as many years. Sinclair already operated WTAT, then owned by Sullivan Broadcasting, through an outsourcing agreement.

When Sinclair tried to acquire Sullivan's stations outright in 2001, it could not legally keep both WMMP and WTAT because Charleston has only six full-power stations (too few to legally permit a duopoly). Although WTAT was longer-established, Sinclair opted to keep WMMP and sold WTAT to Glencairn, Ltd. That company was owned by Edwin Edwards, a former Sinclair executive, and appeared to be a minority-owned company. However, nearly all of Glencairn's stock was controlled by the Smith family founders of Sinclair. In effect, the company now had a duopoly in the Charleston market which was a violation of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations. Glencairn and Sinclair further circumvented the rules by crafting a local marketing agreement between the two stations, with WMMP as senior partner–one of the few known instances in which a Big Four affiliate was the junior partner to a WB or UPN affiliate.

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