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The WCW Power Plant was a professional wrestling school in Atlanta, Georgia, owned and operated by World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

The school was founded by wrestler Jody Hamilton, who opened the training center in 1989 in Lovejoy, Georgia. In 1991, it became the official school of WCW and relocated to Jonesboro, Georgia. By 1995, the school became known as the WCW Power Plant and relocated again, this time to Atlanta where Turner Broadcasting (the parent company of WCW) was headquartered. The school closed in March 2001 when WCW's assets were sold to the World Wrestling Federation (now known as WWE).

While the school had several successful trainees—including Bill Goldberg, Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page—it was not a highly regarded training center in the wrestling industry.[1][2][3] Wrestler Bret Hart, who was injured by Goldberg during a match, characterized the training at the Power Plant as dangerous to your opponent.[4] Journalist Dave Meltzer wrote in 1999 that the school was "a total flop" because of their training emphasis on physical appearance over personality.[2] In 2001, wrestler Molly Holly told Live Audio Wrestling, "the Power Plant focused on push-ups, running, sit-ups, squats, and people yelling at you."[3] Other trainees, including William Regal and Bob Sapp, had positive experiences at the Power Plant.[5][6]

The predecessor to the WCW Power Plant was a wrestling school founded in 1989 in Lovejoy, Georgia by former wrestler Jody Hamilton.[7] It became the official development school of World Championship Wrestling in 1991 and was relocated to Jonesboro, Georgia.[8] Hamilton was employed by WCW until the company's dissolution in 2001.[9] There was no tuition for the school. Hamilton would only train wrestlers who had a large physique or had already been trained in the fundamentals of working a match.[10] Hamilton told Jeff Gelski of the St. Joseph News-Press in 1991 that he asked applicants just three questions to determine if they were worth training; their size, their age and their previous wrestling experience.[11]

Kevin Nash, who trained under Hamilton, described the training facility as "half of a quonset hut where the other side of the building was carpet remnants".[12] Nash has said that Hamilton's age limited the maneuvers he could teach, so much of his training focused on ring psychology.[13] Early students of Hamilton include Nash, Jim Steele and Bryant Anderson.[14][15] In 1991, Hamilton trained wrestler Mike Winner, who would later join the training staff of WCW Power Plant.[16] Mike Graham began training students at Hamilton's school by 1992. He stayed on as a trainer when the school became the WCW Power Plant and worked there until its closure in 2001. Two early students of Graham were Marcus Bagwell and Van Hammer.[17]

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