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WPKO-FM (98.3 FM) is an American radio station in [[Bellefontaine, Ohio. It is programmed in a hot adult contemporary radio format, and is almost entirely locally produced. The station is owned by V-Teck Communications, and is the sister station to WBLL 1390 AM.

WPKO originally signed on the air on June 1, 1969 with the call letters WOGM (for "Ohio's Good Music") before switching to WTOO-FM with a contemporary hit format on June 1, 1978 as "Stereo Too 98" . The station became WPKO-FM on February 19, 1988. For a time, the -FM suffix was required as part of the call letters to differentiate the station from its AM sister station, now known as WBLL. While this remains the station's official call letters, the station now is commonly known as WPKO.

On January 6, 2005, a major ice storm caused a loss of power to the broadcast facilities. As a result, WPKO was knocked off the air for several hours. V-Teck Communications has recently obtained emergency power generators to ensure this does not happen again.

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