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WROX-FM is an alternative rock formatted broadcast radio station licensed to Exmore, Virginia, serving Hampton Roads and the Eastern Shore of Virginia.[1] WROX-FM is owned and operated by Sinclair Telecable, Inc.[4] WROX's studios are located on Waterside Drive in Downtown Norfolk, and its transmitter is located in Cape Charles.

The station signed on in 1986. Though it initially was planned to be a classical music station as WWGH, it instead signed on as WIAV, "Wave 96", with a Top 40/CHR format. It was then co-owned with WVAB (1550 AM).[5]

Bishop L.E. Willis later bought the two stations and then bought 92.1, later spinning off WVAB. It then shifted to a dance-leaning CHR as WKSV, "Kiss 96", in December 1988. Six months later, in May 1989, it flipped to Christian after WXRI was sold.[6][7]

On June 21, 1991, WKSV adopted WMYK's urban format as 'Touch 96' and adopted the call letters WMYA on August 5, 1991.[9][10]

In October 1993, Willis sold the station to current owner Sinclair Telecable. Shortly after the sale, WMYA flipped to its current format and "96X" branding on October 25.[11]

In 1995, in order to fill a coverage gap in the core portion of Hampton Roads, they put their new 250 watt translator at 106.1 MHz (W291AE) on the air; it was best heard in downtown Norfolk to help eliminate signal dropout in the downtown area. The translator existed until 2004, when WUSH was born.[12]

On June 24, 2019, WROX-FM shifted its format from alternative rock to adult album alternative, still branded as "96X".[13]

On June 29, 2020, 96X quietly changed its format back to alternative rock in the midst of iHeartRadio's abrupt format flip of WNOH, launching an African American-oriented national news radio network.

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