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WRPO-LP "Indian Lake's Greatest Hits" (for Russells Point, Ohio, its city of license) is an American non-commercial and educational low-power FM community radio station at 93.5 MHz licensed to the Ohio village of Russells Point which up until early 2008 aired a Big Band and Adult Standards format. The station then aired a smooth jazz format from that point until May 9, 2009 when it switched to an oldies format. Its studios and transmitter are both located in the city of license and serves the communities of Russells Point, Lakeview, the perimeter of Indian Lake State Park, and surrounding portions of west-central Ohio.

WRPO-LP is simulcast on WOHP-LP at 101.3 MHz in Huntsville. Each station is owned and operated by their respective communities and was managed by its founder Francis "Gene" Kirby (1931-2020) under the umbrella of Gray Fox Broadcasting. The Gray Fox branding is still used today as per usual in addition to the on-air studio named after Mr. Kirby.

WRPO-LP, originally nicknamed "The Point," was founded in 2002 and commenced broadcasting on Memorial Day May 27 of that year. Its transmitter power is 100 watts ERP. Robbie Robinson and station manager Gene Kirby were just a few of the station's air personalities who are all volunteers.

Its studios and offices are located in the Russells Point Village Municipal Building at 1013 South Orchard Island Drive (State Route 708).

WRPO's former big band format was a tribute to the live performance venue of the now long gone Sandy Beach Amusement Park which was frequented by many of the popular orchestras and singers of that era...many of which were broadcast live nationwide on network radio.

WRPO is owned by the Village of Russells Point and was programmed and managed by Gene Kirby ("the Gray Fox" which is the namesake of Gray Fox Broadcasting), who early-on in his career began broadcasting as a teenager using a low-powered AM band "Oscillator" from his home in New Dover. After graduating from Marysville High School in 1950, he served for nearly ten years in the Air Force, was the evening on-air personality at the former WRFD-FM (now WNCI) in addition to WDLR located to the north in Delaware. Kirby also served as a Union County Sheriff's Deputy, and started up, owned and operated WMHO, a Part 15 micropower AM broadcaster (now defunct) at 1620 kHz in Marysville that initially aired a classic country format (following the three year departure of WUCO's studios and offices to Columbus when it was part of Saint Gabriel Catholic Radio) but has since employed a similar oldies format, as well as have programmed WDEQ-FM, 91.7mHz in DeGraff on behalf of its owner, the Riverside Board of Education until 2010. Kirby also served from 2011 to 2013 as operations manager of WQTT (the former WUCO) in Marysville which moved back to its original city of license in 2010. WQTT is now owned by Delmar Communications.

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