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WRRC (107.7 FM) is a college radio station in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, serving the students of Rider University. It is the broadcast outlet for Mercer County High School football and baseball, in partnership with 1490 WBCB, as well as Rider University basketball, baseball, and ice hockey.

The radio station[1] originally went on air November 1, 1962, as WRCR, and was located at 640 AM on the dial, broadcasting via carrier current. A student, Ira Kinder, and the director of the college's audio/video department, Gordon Graves, founded the station.

In 1965, the station changed its call letters from WRCR to WWRC, because a commercial station on the East Coast wanted the WRCR call letters. In exchange, WWRC received equipment from the commercial station.

In 1966, WWRC was moved to the basement of the Hill Dormitory, housing the on-air studio, production studio, record library and two offices.

In 1971, WWRC moved to the Student Center building where the Communication Department first began to use the radio station for broadcasting classes. During this time the station operated as a commercial station, programming a news and popular rock format within the campus. In 1984, the station changed its call letters to WRRC, again because another radio station wanted the WWRC call. At this time, the college station ceased broadcasting on carrier current and moved to the FM band at 88.5 MHz, sharing the frequency with student-run station WLSR, operated by the nearby Lawrenceville School.[2]

By the mid-1980s the station was finally able to offer 24-hour programming after WLSR moved from 88.5. However, to ensure student safety, the college opted to lock the Student Center at night, preventing further overnight programming. After just a few weeks of full-time operations, WRRC returned to a shortened broadcast schedule.

In 1992, the station moved to its current dial position, 107.7 FM. In 2007, through the use of automated programming, the station resumed 24-hour programming, expanding the air schedule to a full-time schedule.

WRRC currently broadcasts a freeform format.

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