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WSCR (670 AM) – branded 670 The Score – is a commercial sports radio station licensed to serve Chicago, Illinois, servicing the Chicago metropolitan area and much of surrounding Northern Illinois, Northwest Indiana and parts of the Milwaukee metropolitan area. Owned by Audacy, Inc., WSCR is a clear-channel station with extended nighttime range in most of the Central United States and part of the Eastern United States. WSCR serves as the Chicago affiliate for CBS Sports Radio, the Fighting Illini Sports Network and the NFL on Westwood One Sports; the flagship station for the Chicago Cubs and Chicago Bulls radio networks; and the home of radio personalities David Haugh and Matt Spiegel.

The WSCR studios are located at Two Prudential Plaza in the Chicago Loop, while the station transmitter resides in nearby Bloomingdale, diplexed with co-owned WBBM. Besides its main analog transmission, WSCR transmits continuously[note 1] over a single HD Radio channel utilizing the in-band on-channel standard,[3] simulcasts over the second digital subchannel of WBMX, and streams online via Audacy.

Historically, this station is best known under the WMAQ call sign, which it bore from October 1922 to August 2000.[4] The oldest surviving broadcast outlet in Chicago, it was co-founded and originally operated by the Chicago Daily News, and became a charter affiliate of the CBS Radio Network upon their 1927 launch. Purchased by the National Broadcasting Company in 1931, WMAQ was a key station in the NBC Radio Network for nearly six decades, and later yielded adjuncts WMAQ-TV (channel 5) and WMAQ-FM (101.1 FM). A sale to Westinghouse Broadcasting in 1988 resulted in WMAQ becoming an all-news radio station throughout the 1990s. Since 2000, this station has been the third in the Chicago market to use the WSCR call sign and "Score" branding, adopting a format previously heard on the current WYLL (1160 AM) from 1997 to 2000; the format and branding originated in 1992 on the current WCPT (820 AM).[5]

On April 12, 1922, the station first signed on as WGU.[6][7] A joint venture between The Fair Department Store and the Chicago Daily News, WGU's first transmitter sat atop the department store.[6][8][9] At the time, the station was broadcasting on 833 kilocycles with a transmitter power of about 100 watts.[7]

Just weeks before its inaugural broadcast Walter A. Strong, then business manager of the Daily News, realized the station would need a manager. Strong knew a young woman with some ad agency experience named Judith C. Waller. He called her and said, “I’ve just bought a radio station; come down and run it.” Waller protested that she didn’t know anything about running a station. Strong replied “neither do I, but come down and we’ll find out.”[10] Waller was hired in February 1922. She went on to have a long and distinguished career in broadcasting.

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