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WVPX-TV, virtual channel 23 (UHF digital channel 22), is an Ion Television-affiliated station serving Cleveland, Ohio, United States that is licensed to Akron. Owned by Inyo Broadcast Holdings, the station is sister to Canton-licensed Court TV affiliate WDLI-TV (channel 17), which transmits using WVPX-TV's full-power spectrum via a channel sharing agreement.[1]

Built and signed on by S. Bernard Berk's Summit Radio Corporation, this station originally was WAKR-TV—the television extension of WAKR—and positioned itself with a focus primarily on Akron even as it also covered the Greater Cleveland television market.[3] From their 1953 establishment until 1996, the station was one of two primary ABC-TV affiliates within the Cleveland market, current primary affiliate WEWS-TV being the other.[4] Denied what would have originally been a VHF license, WAKR-TV's competitiveness was negatively impacted throughout this era by financial shortfalls and continuous ratings issues,[5] even with a move from channel 49 to channel 23 in 1967,[6] and eventual market-wide carriage on cable systems.[7] Becoming WAKC-TV in 1986 after WAKR was sold,[8] the station remained in the hands of the Berk family until 1994, when it was sold to home-shopping broadcast chain ValueVision, but retained the ABC affiliation and local programming.[9] A subsequent sale to Paxson Communications (now Ion Media) resulted in all newscast production ceasing immediately upon consummation on February 28, 1996,[10] and disaffiliation from ABC at years' end;[11] these moves made Akron the largest city in Ohio without a traditional television network affiliate or commercial television newscast.[12]

Since August 31, 1998, the station has been a charter affiliate of Ion (going back to the network's past incarnations as Pax TV and i)[13] and was a network owned-and-operated station until January 7, 2021.[14] WVPX-TV and WDLI-TV currently share studios on Renaissance Parkway in Warrensville Heights and transmitter facilities on Ohio State Route 261 in Norton, Ohio.[15]

In early December of 1947, Summit Radio Corporation, the family-owned business of S. Bernard Berk and owners of WAKR (1590 AM) and WAKR-FM (97.5)—and Allen Simmons, owner of radio station WADC (1350 AM)—filed competing applications with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for what was initially seen as the lone television channel assigned to Akron, originally intended as a VHF license on channel 11.[17] The applications were filed at the same time WEWS-TV had commenced operations as the first television station in Ohio.[18] Both applications remained under review and went before a commission hearing on July 15, 1948,[19] and WAKR had gone so far as to make a purchase order for VHF transmitting equipment from RCA,[20] before the FCC implemented a freeze on any additional television licenses that September 30, while it studied the possibility of adding additional channels via the UHF band.[21]

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