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Wreck-It Ralph is an Disney media franchise primarily consisting of an animated comedy film series produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The series tells the story of the eponymous arcade game villain named Wreck-It Ralph, who rebels against his "bad guy" role and dreams of becoming a hero. The series has grossed $1 billion worldwide.

The series is notable for featuring cameos of characters from licensed properties including video games and various Disney franchises.[1][2]

Wreck-It Ralph takes places within the arcade machines at Litwak's Arcade. After hours, the various characters in the games are able to socialize in their shared power strip. However, these characters know they cannot stray far from their games when the arcade reopens, or else the game will be considered broken and sent off for disposal by Mr. Litwak. This had happened to racing game character Turbo years earlier, affecting both his game and the one he sabotaged. The titular character is Wreck-It Ralph, from a game called Fix-It Felix, Jr.. In his game, Ralph is the antagonist of the game and aims to wreck an apartment skyscraper, but is always stopped by the game's protagonist, Fix-It Felix, Jr.. Through events in the first film, Ralph makes friends with Vanellope von Schweetz, a character from the game Sugar Rush, while Felix becomes romantically attached to Sergeant Tamora Jean Calhoun, from the game Hero's Duty.

The 52nd Disney animated feature film. Ralph, desiring to be the hero, sneaks into Hero's Duty to steal the hero medal there, but inadvertently fires himself off in an escape ship when attacked by a Cy-Bug, one of the game's enemies, through the power strip, and into Sugar Rush, where he meets Vanellope for the first time. Vanellope is a glitch within the game who wants to become a playable character, and Ralph helps her along, forming a bond between them. Felix and Calhoun team up to find Ralph before Fix-It Felix, Jr. is to be unplugged, and before the Cy-Bug can reproduce in Sugar Rush and destroy the game. Ralph discovers that the population of Sugar Rush has been suppressed by King Candy, who is really Turbo; not only had he managed to escape into Sugar Rush, but also rewrote part of Vanellope's code, displacing her as the game's main character. Ralph, Vanellope, Felix, and Calhoun work together and defeat Turbo and the Cy-Bugs, saving both Sugar Rush and the arcade and later sparring Fix-It Felix, Jr. from being unplugged. Ralph is finally recognized as a hero, and happily returns to his duties in his game, while Vanellope enjoys her new popularity among the arcade players.

The 57th animated film produced by the studio, and the sequel to the 2012 film Wreck-It Ralph. Six years after the events of the first film, Sugar Rush's racing wheel is damaged, and due to the company that produced Sugar Rush being defunct years ago, Mr. Litwak plans to take the game away for spare parts. Ralph and Vanellope learn of a replacement wheel from eBay, and use a new Internet router in the arcade to travel to the Internet to get it, while the recently married Felix and Calhoun stay to make sure the Sugar Rush characters have a temporary home. Ralph and Vanellope successfully win the auction but do not have the funds to get it, and look for job opportunities. When Ralph finds a way to earn all the funds by becoming a viral video star with the help of Yesss, he discovers that Vanellope may want to stay in the gritty racing game Slaughter Race and not return to the arcade thanks to Shank, a character from that game. This prompts Ralph to use a deep web virus to shut down the game and save Vanellope, only for the virus to turn on Ralph's own insecure feelings and start propagating through the Internet and destroying it. Ralph, Vanellope, and their newfound allies are able to stop the virus in time after Ralph accepts the fact that Vanellope wants to move on. The two say their goodbyes and Ralph returns to the arcade just as Sugar Rush is plugged back in. The two keep in contact, however, and Vanellope promises that she will eventually return to live in the arcade once Shank has taught her every trick she can use in Sugar Rush.

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