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Xm satellite radio channel history

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This is a list of former channels on XM Satellite Radio, in addition to information on format changes of existing channels. Also included is information on temporary channels and seasonal channels.

These actions took place before 2008-11-12, the merger of the Sirius and XM channel lineups.

Most of these XM channels still exist on the lineup, but have made changes to its presentation method or playlist:

These channels are no longer part of the XM platform:

These channels are season- and holiday-based, and are only around for a part of the year. It is not uncommon that they take the place of an existing channel. As of 2014, Sirius XM has reduced the periods that some of the holiday channels run for the 2015 season with only Holly and Holiday Traditions running for the full season (day after Halloween to day after Christmas.)

The following seasonal channels also aired on XM in past years:

On 2008-04-30, the XM channels were no longer offered on AOL Radio,[5] as AOL switched to CBS Radio for some of its content, thus ending a partnership between AOL and XM.

These actions took place on or after 2008-11-12, the merger of the SIRIUS and XM channel lineups.

These channels were merged with their Sirius counterpart to reduce redundancies across the two channel lineups:

These channels are no longer included in the XM part of the Sirius XM Radio platform:

These channels are specialty themed channels aired to coincide with an event, or devoted to a single personality or musical artist:

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