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Xxxvi mountain corps (wehrmacht)

The meaning of «xxxvi mountain corps (wehrmacht)»

The XXXVI Corps was a German military formation in World War II.

It was formed in October 1939 and took part in the invasion of France. In August 1940 the corps was moved to southern Norway and from there to northern Finland.

It took part in Operation Barbarossa in mid-1941. It was part of the German AOK Norwegen (Army Norway) and was moved to northern Finland during June 1941. The XXXVI Corps took part in Operation Polarfuchs aiming to advance through Salla to Kandalaksha, and from there to Murmansk.

In November 1941 the corps was renamed the XXXVI Gebirgskorps (Mountain corps).

In late 1944 the corps had to fight its former allies during their withdrawal from Finland. The corps was forced to retreat from Finland back to Norway. The corps stayed the rest of the war in Norway and surrendered there in May 1945.

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