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XXXX Panzer Corps was a tank corps in the German Army during World War II.

The XXXX. Armeekorps was formed on January 26, 1940 in Lubeck in the Wehrkreis X. It took part in the invasions of France and Greece before being sent to the Eastern Front. On September 15, 1940, it was converted into a motorized corps under the name XXXX. Armeekorps (motorisiert) and was renamed XXXX. Panzerkorps on July 9, 1942.

The XXXX Panzer Corps fought at Kharkov, the advance to the Don River, and to the Terek in the Caucasus. The corps later withdrew toward Rostov and later into Romania.

The corps was transferred to East Prussia and withdraw toward Memel and ended the war in central Silesia.

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