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XXXXVI Panzer Corps was a tank corps of the German Army during World War II that participated in the invasion of Yugoslavia.[1]

The Corps was created as the XXXXVI Army Corps and converted to a Panzer Corps on 21 June 1942.

The Panzer Corps took part in Operation Barbarossa and fought in Kiev, Putyvl, Vyazma and Volokolamsk. It later fought in Rusa-Volokolamsk, Rzhev, Vyazma and Yelnya before taking part in Operation Zitadelle (Kursk). It retired to the Svin area in September 1943 and to Mozyr in December. It was transferred to the southern sector in January 1944 and fought at Vinnitsa and later on the Dniester. It withdrew to Poland and ended the war in Pomerania by surrendering to British forces.

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