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Up to 1.5 million (2019 Zenz estimate)[4] 1 million – 3 million over a period of several years (2019 Schriver estimate)[5][6]

The Xinjiang internment camps,[a] officially called vocational education and training centers (Chinese: 职业技能教育培训中心)[11] by the government of China,[12][13][14][15] and informally called Xinjiang concentration camps,[16][17][18] are internment camps operated by the government of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and its Chinese Communist Party (CCP) provincial committee. Human Rights Watch says that they have been used to indoctrinate Uyghurs and other Muslims since 2017 as part of a "people's war on terror", a policy announced in 2014.[2][19][20] The camps have been criticized for alleged human rights abuses, including mistreatment, rape, and torture, by the governments of many countries and human rights organizations, with some of them alleging Uyghur genocide.[21] The governments of some countries have expressed support for China's government by denying the allegations of genocide and justifying the existence of the camps.[22][23][24]

The camps were established in 2017 by the administration of CCP general secretary Xi Jinping.[20] Operations are led by Chen Quanguo, a CCP Politburo member and committee secretary who leads the region's party committee and government.[25] The camps are reportedly operated outside the Chinese legal system; many Uyghurs have reportedly been interned without trial and no charges have been levied against them (held in administrative detention).[26][27][28] Local authorities are reportedly holding hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs in these camps as well as members of other ethnic minority groups in China, for the stated purpose of countering extremism and terrorism[29][30] and promoting social integration.[31][32][33]

The internment of Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims in the camps constitutes the largest-scale arbitrary detention of ethnic and religious minorities since World War II.[34][35][36][37] As of 2019[update], it was estimated that Chinese authorities may have detained up to 1.5 million people, mostly Uyghurs but also including Kazakhs, Kyrgyz and other ethnic Turkic Muslims, Christians, as well as some foreign citizens including Kazakhstanis, in these secretive internment camps located throughout the region.[38] In May 2018, Randall Schriver, US Assistant Secretary of Defense for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs, said that "at least a million but likely closer to three million citizens" were imprisoned in detention centers, which he described as "concentration camps".[5][6] In August 2018, Gay McDougall, a US representative at the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, said that the committee had received many credible reports that 1 million ethnic Uyghurs in China have been held in "re-education camps".[39][40] There have been comparisons between the Xinjiang camps and the Chinese Cultural Revolution.[41][42][43][44][45]

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