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Yjnayavalkya lakshminarayan vidyapeeth, matihani

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Yjnayavalkya Lakshminarayan Vidyapeeth[1] (याज्ञवल्क्य लक्ष्मीनारायण विद्यापीठ) is a Nepalese university campus. It was established by Hemkarna Sen the King of Makwanpur[2] and Tasmania Baba in Matihani village of Nepal. It is one of the constituent campuses of Nepal Sanskrit University.[3] It is one of the oldest educational institutions of Nepal and has helped establish Matihani, Mahottari as a centre of Sanskrit and Hindu Vedic education. In Bikram Sambat 1950, it started to teach Sanskrit grammar, Vedanta, and Ramayana. From Bikram Sambat 1968, the Mahanth of Lakshminarayan Math Varanasidas and Chhatranath started teaching Vedas, Nyaya Shastra and Jyotish Shastra.[4]

This campus offers Intermediate and Bachelor level courses in Sanskrit and Hindu Vedic education. Many students from India and Nepal come to study Sanskrit and Hindu Vedic languages as well as to study broader education programs.

The institute provides free education, a library, hostel, and food facilities to the students studying here.

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