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ZJ Boarding House (ZJBH) is a surfboard, skateboard, snowboard, and clothing store Located in Santa Monica, California, United States. The store is known for its annual surf competition in which contestants compete to catch waves while wearing Halloween costumes.

ZJ Boarding House opened on December 16, 1988 by Mikke Pierson and Todd Roberts. The original shop was about 2000 square feet and occupied the front of 2619 Main Street. Roberts lived in the office at the shop and Pierson lived in his RV in Malibu. The store was originally part of Zuma Jay surf shop, a small hole in the wall shop in Malibu, California. The move to Santa Monica included a partnership with Todd Roberts (co-owner of ZJ Boarding House). Pierson and Roberts had become good friends a couple of years previous to the birth of the new shop, while volunteering to take youth from the Braille Institute surfing at the local beaches.

Since moving to the Santa Monica location, the store has been expanded to the two neighboring storefronts.[1] In August 2020, the store announced that it was unable to reach a new agreement with the owners of the building it occupied and would be forced to close effective September 1, 2020.[2] However, in December 2020, the store announced that it would reopen in Spring 2021. [3]

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