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Aap or AAP may refer to:
The Immigration Depot (Hindi: आप्रवासी घाट Aapravasi Ghat) is a building complex located in Port Louis on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius, the first British colony to receive indentured, or contracted, labor workforce from India.
Aap Kaa Surroor – The Movie (English: Your Joy) (आप का सुरूर) is a 2007 Bollywood film directed by Prashant Chadha and starring singer Himesh Reshammiya in his movie debut as an actor, alongside Hansika Motwani and Malika Sherawat.
Aap Ki Khatir (Hindi: आप की ख़ातिर, Urdu:, آپ کی خاطر, English: For Your Sake) is a Bollywood romantic comedy film directed by Dharmesh Darshan, starring Akshaye Khanna and Priyanka Chopra in lead roles.
Aap Kaa Surroor is an album by Indian Hindi film music composer Himesh Reshammiya.
Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage (English: I Started Liking You) is a 2002 romantic Bollywood film, directed by Vikram Bhatt, starring Hrithik Roshan and Amisha Patel in the lead roles.
Aap Ki Kasam (I swear by you) is a 1974 Hindi film produced by J. Om Prakash, which also marks his directorial debut.
Aapadbandhavudu (English: The Good Samaritan) is a 1992 Telugu drama film starring Chiranjeevi and Meenakshi Seshadri in lead roles with Jandhyala, Sharath Babu playing supporting roles.
Apne Toh Chhie Bindaas (Gujarati: આપણે તો છીએ બિન્દાસ) is an upcoming 2016 urban Gujarati film written and directed by Nishant Dave.

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