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AAT or Aat may refer to:
Aatish Taseer (born 27 November 1980), is a British-born writer-journalist, and the son of Indian journalist Tavleen Singh and late Pakistani politician and businessman Salmaan Taseer.
Aaton Digital (formerly known as Aaton) is a French motion picture equipment manufacturer, based in Grenoble, France.
Aatma is a 2013 Indian Hindi psychological horror film directed by Suparn Verma and starring Bipasha Basu and Nawazuddin Siddiqui in lead roles and Shernaz Patel and Doyel Dhawan in supporting roles.
Aatagara (Kannada: ಆಟಗಾರ: translation: Player) is a 2015 Indian Kannada romantic thriller film directed by K. M.
Aatef Jenyat (Arabic: عاطف جنيات‎‎) (born 8 May 1984 in Homs, Syria) is a Syrian footballer who is currently a free agent, and is a former member of the Syria national football team.
Aatos Juho Michel Erkko (16 September 1932 – 5 May 2012) was a Finnish newspaper editor, newspaper publisher, and the main owner of the Sanoma Corporation and the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, of which he was also the editor in chief.
The Advanced Along Track Scanning Radiometer (AATSR) is one of the Announcement of Opportunity (AO) instruments on board the European Space Agency (ESA)'s Envisat satellite.
The Aathal Dinosaur Museum (Swiss German native name: Sauriermuseum Aathal) is a paleontological museum in the locality Aathal of the municipality of Seegräben in the canton of Zürich, Switzerland, and one of the few dinosaur museums in Europe.

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