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ACF or acf may refer to:
ACF Fiorentina S.p.A., commonly referred to as simply Fiorentina [fjorenˈtiːna], is a professional Italian football club from Florence, Tuscany.
AcFun (simplified Chinese: AcFun弹幕视频网; traditional Chinese: AcFun彈幕視頻網; pinyin: AcFun dàn mù shì pín wǎng), known as AC for short, is a Chinese video sharing website.
The ACF River Basin is the drainage basin, or watershed, of the A Apalachicola River, C Chattahoochee River, and F Flint River, in the Southeastern United States.
Founded in 1965, ACF Milan won the FFIGC championship in 1970. The team remained successful after the unification of the FICF and FFIGC championships into the Serie A, winning two championships and two national cups between 1973 and 1976, including a double in 1975. However the team played most of the 1980s in Serie B.
ACF2 (Access Control Facility) is a commercial, discretionary access control software security system developed for the MVS (z/OS today), VSE (z/VSE today) and VM (z/VM today) IBM mainframe operating systems by SKK, Inc.

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