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ACG may refer to:
ACG Tauranga is a private coeducational day school located on the outskirts of Tauranga, New Zealand. The school is owned and operated by Auckland-based private education company Academic Colleges Group.
ACG New Zealand International College (ACG NZIC) is a private school, owned by the Academic Colleges Group New Zealand .
ACG Sunderland is a private school and is part of Academic Colleges Group. It is located in Henderson, a western suburb of Auckland.
ACG Parnell College is an independent co-educational facility and is part of the Academic Colleges Group, whose New Zealand schools are members of the Independent Schools of New Zealand (ISNZ).
ACG School Jakarta is an independent co-educational international school in South Jakarta, Indonesia.
ACG Worldwide is a pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Mumbai, India. It has a presence in over 100 countries, and manufactures empty hard pharmaceutical capsules.
ACG Norton College is a private school, owned by the Academic Colleges Group in New Zealand and having been first registered as a PTE in 2003. ACG Norton College delivers the AUT Certificate in Foundation Studies to international learners who wish to qualify for admission to degree courses with AUT or other universities that accept this certificate as part of their entry criteria.
ACG Strathallan is an independent co-educational school located on the Hingaia Peninsula in Karaka, New Zealand, close to the Auckland Southern Motorway.
The ACG is an abbreviation of "Anime, Comic and Games", used in some subcultures of Greater China . Because a strong economic and cultural connection exists between anime, manga and games in the Japanese market, ACG is used to describe this phenomenon in relative fields.

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