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The meaning of «adee»

Adee is both a surname and a given name. Notable people with the name include:
Adeel Akhtar (Urdu: عدیل اختر‎; born 18 September 1980) is a British actor. In 2017, he won a British Academy Television Award for Best Actor for his role in Murdered by My Father.
Adeel Husain (Urdu: عدیل حسین‬‎) is a Pakistani actor and director. He is best known for his roles in Daam, Mata-e-Jaan Hai Tu, Mohabat Subh Ka Sitara Hai, Jackson Heights and Mera Naseeb.
Adeel Hashmi (born July 17, 1973) is a Pakistani television/film actor, comedian, social worker, producer, filmmaker, and screenwriter.
Adam Arnone (born 1978), better known by his stage name Adeem (pronounced "A-D-M" and sometimes styled ADeeM), is an American rapper from Keene, New Hampshire.
Adeel Chaudhry is a Canadian Artist Who has been working in Indian & Pakistan Film & Drama Industry , singer-songwriter, actor and model who appears in television serials and films.
Adeele Sepp (born 10 November 1989) is an Estonian stage, film, and television actress.

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