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Adeptus Health Inc. is a health care provider based in Lewisville. Adeptus Health operates free-standing emergency rooms throughout Texas, Colorado, and Arizona.
The Adephaga (from Greek ἀδηφάγος, adephagos, "gluttonous"), with more than 40,000 recorded species in 10 families, are a suborder of highly specialized beetles and the second-largest suborder of the order Coleoptera.
Adeptia is a Chicago-based software company. It provides application to exchange business data with other companies using a self-service integration approach.
Adept is a combined automatic differentiation and array software library for the C++ programming language.
Adept (Jelene Anderson) is a fictional character, a superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.
The Adept 320T is a liquid-cooled V-6 engine for aviation use.

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