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Adetomyrma is a genus of ants endemic to Madagascar. Workers of this genus are blind. The type species Adetomyrma venatrix was described in 1994, with the genus being an atypical member of its tribe, the Amblyoponini.
Adetomyrma venatrix is an endangered species of ants endemic to Madagascar. Workers of this species are blind.
The adet-i ağnam (literally meaning "sheep number") was an annual tax on sheep and goats in the Ottoman Empire.
Frederick Adetokumboh M'Cormack (sometimes credited as Adetokumboh McCormack, Frederick McCormack, or Adetokumoh McCormack) is a Sierra Leone Creole actor, known for his roles in the television series Lost and Heroes.
Asociación Deportiva El Tránsito, commonly known just as ADET, is a professional soccer club located in La Libertad.

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