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The meaning of «adt»

ADT or Adt may refer to:
The ADT Championship was a women's professional golf tournament on the U.S.-based LPGA Tour. The season-ending event on the tour, it became the LPGA Playoffs at The ADT from 2006 through 2008.
ABB Daimler-Benz Transportation (after 1999 DaimlerChrysler Rail Systems), commonly known under its brand ADtranz, was a multi-national rail transport equipment manufacturer with facilities concentrated in Europe and the US.
ADTRAN, Inc. is a provider of telecommunications networking equipment and internetworking products. Its headquarters are in Huntsville, Alabama.
Adtech AG is a German–American digital marketing company, providing publishers, agencies and ad networks with products to manage, serve and evaluate online advertising campaigns, including display, video and mobile formats.
AdTruth is a software product and the digital media division of 41st Parameter, a company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona with regional offices in San Jose, California; London, England; and Munich, Germany.
Adtile Technologies is an American company that develops and markets motion-sensing technology. The company’s headquarter is in San Diego, California.
AdTaily is a self-service advertising network company based in London. The company's service allows online publishers to sell ads directly.

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