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In Scholastic philosophy, the aevum (also called aeviternity) is the mode of existence experienced by angels and by the saints in heaven.
The AEV Brute is a compact pickup truck that is modified from the Jeep Wrangler platform, and is offered for both TJ and JK year models.
Spinnin' Records is a Dutch independent record label, founded in 1999 by Eelko van Kooten and Roger de Graaf.
Aevolo is an American UCI Continental cycling team founded in 2017.
The AEV Prospector is an American pickup truck made by American Expedition Vehicles and based on the Ram Pickup.
The Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA) is a charitable, non-profit organisation founded in 1973 to promote electric vehicles (EVs) as a key to addressing oil dependence and global warming both nationally and internationally.
In Irish legend Aibell (sometimes Aoibheall (modern Irish spelling), also anglicised as Aeval) was the guardian spirit of the Dál gCais, the Dalcassians or Ó Bríen clan.
Otter Tail Corporation is an energy company based in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Its main subsidiary is the Otter Tail Power Company.
Euouae or Evovae is an abbreviation used in Latin psalters and other liturgical books to show the distribution of syllables in the differentia or variable melodic endings of the standard Psalm tones of Gregorian chant.
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