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The meaning of «afz»

Mohammad Afzal Guru (30 June 1969 – 9 February 2013) was a Kashmiri separatist, who was convicted for his role in the 2001 Indian Parliament attack.
Afzal Kahn is a British automotive designer. He is the founder of the Kahn group of companies: Kahn Design, the Chelsea Truck Company, and Project Kahn.
Admiral Muhammad Afzal Tahir, (Urdu:محمد افضل طاهر; b. 4 January 1949); LM, NI(M), HI(M), SI(M), is a retired four-star rank admiral, writer, and the military historian currently serving in the faculty at the Naval War College of Pakistan Navy.
Afzal Hossain (born 19 July 1954) is a Bangladeshi actor, director, writer and painter.
Muhammad Afzal Ahsan Randhawa (Urdu: محمد افضل احسن رندھاوا‎‎‎, 1 September 1937 – 18 September 2017) was a Pakistani Punjabi language writer, poet, translator, playwright and a politician.
Vice-Admiral Afzal Akram Rahman Khan (Urdu: افضل رحمان خان; born: 1921— 2005; popularly known as Admiral A. R.
Afzelechin is a flavan-3-ol, a type of flavonoid. It can be found in Bergenia ligulata (a.k.a. Paashaanbhed in Ayurveda traditional Indian medicine).

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