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ahq e-Sports Club is an eSports organization based in Taiwan with teams competing in League of Legends, A.V.A, and Heroes of the Storm.
AHQ Iraq (Air Headquarters Iraq or Air H.Q. Iraq) was a command of the Royal Air Force (RAF).
Air Headquarters Malta (AHQ Malta or Air H.Q. Malta) was an overseas command of the Royal Air Force (RAF) established on December 28, 1941, by renaming RAF Mediterranean under Air Vice Marshal Hugh Lloyd.
Air Headquarters Air Defences Eastern Mediterranean (Air H.Q. Air Defences Eastern Mediterranean or AHQ Air Defences Eastern Mediterranean) was a sub-command of RAF Middle East Command which itself was a sub-command of the Mediterranean Air Command during World War II.
Air Headquarters Levant (AHQ Levant) was a command of the British Royal Air Force (RAF) established on December 1, 1941, by renaming the command known as H.Q.
Ahqaf al Jabhiya (Arabic: الجبيهيه‎‎) is a suburb of Bayda. It is located about 3.5 km south of Bayda.
Ahqaf al Ruzat (Arabic: احقاف الروزات‎‎) is a village in the District of Jabal al Akhdar in north-eastern Libya.
Ahqaf al Jabbarat (Arabic: احقاف الجبرات‎‎) is a village in the District of Jabal al Akhdar in north-eastern Cyrenaica, Libya.
The Desert Air Force (DAF), also known chronologically as Air Headquarters Western Desert, Air Headquarters Libya, the Western Desert Air Force, and the First Tactical Air Force (1TAF), was an Allied tactical air force created from No.
Air Headquarters (AHQ) is the Headquarters of Pakistan Air Force, located at Islamabad. Initially it was established at Peshawar on 15 August 1947. Later it was moved to Karachi on 1 June 1948 and back to Peshawar in 1960. In 1983 construction of Air headquarters was started at Islamabad after it was decided to have all the armed forces headquarters in the capital city.

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