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Aiquile Municipality is the first municipal section of the Narciso Campero Province in the Cochabamba Department, Bolivia.
Aiquile Airport (ICAO: SLAQ) is a public use airport serving Aiquile in the Cochabamba Department of Bolivia.
Aiquara is a municipality in the state of Bahia in the North-East region of Brazil.
Aiquile is a town in the Cochabamba Department, Bolivia. It is the capital of the Narciso Campero Province and Aiquile Municipality.
Thai AirAsia (SET: AAV, Thai: ไทยแอร์เอเชีย) is a joint venture of Malaysian low-fare airline AirAsia (Thai: แอร์เอเชีย) and Thailand's Asia Aviation.
The Aiqqujat Islands are an uninhabited island group in Kivalliq Region, Nunavut, Canada. They are located in Hudson Bay's Wager Bay, and are a part of Ukkusiksalik National Park.
Spicy Love Soup (Chinese: 爱情麻辣烫; pinyin: Aìqíng Má Là Tāng) is a 1997 Chinese film directed by Zhang Yang and written by Zhang, Liu Fendou, Cai Shangjun, and Diao Yi'nan based on a story by Zhang and Peter Loehr.
Vive L'Amour is a 1994 Taiwanese New Wave film by Tsai Ming-liang. It is Tsai's second feature film and premiered in the 51st Venice International Film Festival, where it won the prestigious Golden Lion.

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