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The meaning of «akg»

AKG is a three-letter abbreviation with multiple meanings, as described below:
Akgul Charievna Amanmuradova (Uzbek: Оқгул Омонмуродова; born June 23, 1984) is a female, professional tennis player from Uzbekistan.
AKG Acoustics (originally Akustische und Kino-Geräte Gesellschaft m.b.H., English: Acoustic and Cinema Equipment) is an Austrian manufacturer of microphones, headphones, wireless audio systems and related accessories for professional and consumer markets.
Akgün may refer to:
Akgün Kaçmaz (February 19, 1935) is a Turkish football defender who played for Turkey in the 1954 FIFA World Cup.
Akgedik is a village in Tarsus district of Mersin Province, Turkey. It is situated in the Çukurova palins (Cilicia of the antiquity) to the south of Çukurova motorway and Berdan Dam resorvoir at 36°57′N 34°55′E.The distance to Tarsus is 5 kilometres (3.1 mi).
Akgül or Akgul (meaning "White Rose" in several Turkic languages) may refer to:
Akgün is a village in the District of Dinar, Afyonkarahisar Province, Turkey.
Akgöz is a village in the District of Bartın, Bartın Province, Turkey. As of 2010, it had a population of 407 people.
The Alaska Republican Party is the affiliate of the United States Republican Party (GOP) in Alaska, headquartered in Anchorage.

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