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The Mohawk Nation at Akwesasne (alternate spelling Ahkwesáhsne) is a Mohawk Nation (Kanien'kehá:ka) territory that straddles the intersection of international (United States and Canada) borders and provincial (Ontario and Quebec) boundaries on both banks of the St.
Brigadier Akwasi Amankwaa Afrifa (24 April 1936 – 26 June 1979) was a Ghanaian soldier, farmer, a traditional ruler (king) and politician.
Akwasi Frimpong Akwasi Frimpong (born February 11, 1986) is a Dutch-Ghanaian sprinter, bobsledder, and skeleton athlete who has won 4 bronze, 4 silver, and 8 gold medals in various national and international sport events.
Akwaaba African Travel Market (AFTM)is an annual international travel event organized by Akwaaba Travel Market Limited and founded by Ikechi Uko.
Akwasi Asante (born 6 September 1992) is a Dutch footballer who plays as a striker for League Two club Grimsby Town.
Akwasi Owusu-Ansah ( ə-KWAH-see oh-WOO-soo AHN-sah; born April 10, 1988) is an American football and Canadian football cornerback for the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League (CFL).
Fabrice Alcebiades Maieco (born 30 May 1977 in Benguela), commonly known as Akwá, is an Angolan former football player who played as a forward for the Angolan national team.

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