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Amr or AMR may refer to:
Amritsar ( pronunciation ;Punjabi pronunciation: [əmːɾɪt̪səɾ]), historically also known as Rāmdāspur and colloquially as Ambarsar, is a city in north-western India which is the administrative headquarters of the Amritsar district - located in the Majha region of the Indian state of Punjab.
Amravati pronunciation also known as "Ambanagari" is a city in the state of Maharashtra, India. It is the 8th most populous metropolitan area in the state.
Amrita Rao (pronounced [əmriːt̪a ːraːʋ], born 7 June 1981) is an Indian film actress and model. She has appeared in Hindi films of Bollywood and one movie in Telugu.
Amr Zaki (Arabic: عمرو زكي‎; born 1 April 1983 in Mansoura) is a retired Egyptian footballer who lastly played for Egyptian side Arab Contractors.
Amrishlal Puri (22 June 1932 – 12 January 2005) was an Indian actor, who was an important figure in Indian theatre and cinema.
Amravati District is a District of Maharashtra state in central India. Amravati is the administrative headquarters of the district.
Amrita Singh (born 9 February 1958) is an Indian film and television actress.
Amr ibn Hisham (Arabic: عمرو بن هشام‎), often known as Abu Jahl (Arabic: أبو جهل‎), (born 556? — died 17 March 624), was one of the Meccan polytheist pagan Qurayshi leaders known for his critical opposition towards Muhammad the Islamic prophet and the early Muslims in Mecca.

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