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The meaning of «amv»

AMV is a three-letter initialism with multiple meanings, as described below:
American Veterans, (AMVETS) is a non-partisan, volunteer-led organization formed by World War II veterans of the United States military.
Amvrosios Papadopoulos (Greek: Αμβρόσιος Παπαδόπουλος, born 10 January 1989) is a professional Greek football player, currently playing for Kavala.
Amvrosy (Russian: Амвро́сий) is a Russian Christian male first name. It is derived from Greek ambrosios, meaning (belonging to) immortal(s), god-like; cf.
The Amvrosiivka Raion (Ukrainian: Амвросіївський район, translit.: Amvrosiivs'kyi raion; Russian: Амвросиевский район, translit.: Amvrosievskiy raion) is a raion (district) within the eastern part of Donetsk Oblast in the Eastern Ukraine.
The AMVCA Industry Merit Award is an honorary award presented by MultiChoice through Africa Magic for lifetime contribution to the development of African cinema.
The AMVCA Trailblazer Award is a special award given by MultiChoice to an actor through Africa Magic for outstanding achievement the previous year.

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