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The meaning of «amv»

AMV is a three-letter initialism with multiple meanings, as described below:
The AMVCA Industry Merit Award is an honorary award presented by MultiChoice through Africa Magic for lifetime contribution to the development of African cinema.
American Veterans, (AMVETS) is a non-partisan, volunteer-led organization formed by World War II veterans of the United States military.
Amvrosios Papadopoulos (Greek: Αμβρόσιος Παπαδόπουλος, born 10 January 1989) is a professional Greek football player, currently playing for Kavala.
Amvrosy (Russian: Амвро́сий) is a Russian Christian male first name. It is derived from Greek ambrosios, meaning (belonging to) immortal(s), god-like; cf.
The Amvrosiivka Raion (Ukrainian: Амвросіївський район, translit.: Amvrosiivs'kyi raion; Russian: Амвросиевский район, translit.: Amvrosievskiy raion) is a raion (district) within the eastern part of Donetsk Oblast in the Eastern Ukraine.
The AMVCA Trailblazer Award is a special award given by MultiChoice to an actor through Africa Magic for outstanding achievement the previous year.

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